Meditation Meets The Beatles

In 1968, The Beatles merged meditation with rock and roll, expanding human consciousness. New meditators, The Fab Four traveled to India to deepen their practice, and in a creative flood, wrote The White Album. 

This unique event will tell the story of how meditation influenced The White Album, and how The White Album influenced the world. Come hear what the “round, round, round" of Dear Prudence means, what Blackbird has to do with civil rights, and where “#9, #9” comes from — all on vinyl, through a world-class stereo. This evening will deepen your connection to the songs you’ve known for years, and the friends you meet that night.

Andrew Barrett is a Meditation Teacher, storyteller, and Beatles nerd whose mentor was John Lennon’s neighbor in India. He loves telling the story of meditation’s influence on The Beatles, and The Beatles influence on the world.  

This event has been produced in meditation studios and living rooms with fancy stereos. If you would like to come to a presentation, or are interested in booking one in your own space, please reach out.