Vedic Meditation is an easy, effective practice for people with busy lives. It's not another thing to get good at, but an effortless practice that makes you better at what you're already responsible for. In just two 20 minute sittings daily, you reduce stress faster than you take it on and switch on the full benefits of meditation. 

Learn To Meditate is taught in four 90-minute sessions that give you the what, when, and how of meditation, as we launch your daily practice. The instruction is systematic and personalized -- kind of like a Ted Talk on adding meditation to your life. A free lifetime of follow up is also included. 

Some main benefits of vedic meditation: 

  • Better Sleep (meditation is often a panacea for insomnia)

  • greater Ability to meet the Demands of Your Life 

  • Stronger Immune System

  • Better Sex

  • Way Less Stress & Less Anxiety

  • Deeper Capacity for Insight

  • Greater mental Clarity

  • Higher Baseline Happiness